A Letter to Those Who Don’t Understand

Mental illness is a tricky asshole, we get that. But you know what’s even worse than mental illness? The judgment, blame, and shame that can come from those who don’t understand it.

Mental illness can take a person and turn them into someone practically unrecognizable. It can sneak around behind closed doors, in walls, and hide in the dark. It can be a shape-shifter. It can put on a happy face for the rest of the world while those who truly know the person that mental illness has stolen see nothing but the lies, deceit, and terror lurking everywhere.

Mental illness can blame. It wants to be fixed…now. It doesn’t want to work, wait, or see the truth. Mental illness wants to take everyone else down with it. And you know what? It will if you let it. Mental illness wants those who are healthy to be destroyed. It wants families torn apart and blame placed. It wants others to be destroyed trying desperately to be the reason someone else is okay.

Mental illness doesn’t want to talk. It wants to make up lies and excuses while instilling fear. Mental illness doesn’t want to have a grown-up conversation about itself. It seeks only to divide, separate, and hush. Mental illness wants to win…and sometimes it will in this life.

But Jesus has already won the war.

5 thoughts on “A Letter to Those Who Don’t Understand

  1. I cannot tell you both how thankful I am for you and that God led me to you. I have suffered with mental illness for awhile due to domestic violence depression ptsd anxiety suicidal thoughts . I have been on medication for a long time some days are better than others. I have a 15 year old son who is battening depression and anxiety as well and he has attempted suicide twice now what you have written here really explains what I see in him. I cannot tell when he is telling the truth sometimes I can’t even get him to talk to me. His anger is horrible and he does play the blame game my fiancée and I have tried to help him because he has had issues in school that it has consumed my fiancées entire life where she cannot focus at work she can’t sleep at nite and she has had to be put on meds. Sorry for the long text but again I want to tell you how Blessed I am for God to have brought your page to me.

  2. Mental illness is the devil. Fight this battle with Faith, Hope and Love and Jesus will fight right beside you. God bless all that fight this battle personally as well as the caregivers.

  3. Thank you so much for this.
    To have a better understanding of my late husbands suicide and mental illness. It felt as though he was speaking to me through God and you that yes I took my life but please don’t think I’m selfish. As a Chriatian I never really understood Gods feelings towards suicide but that if you ask for forgiveness He will forgive. I had to copy and paste in my notepad.
    If I’m having one of those days I can just read this and other materials to just give me a reminder.
    God is so amazing isn’t he 🙏📖🥰😂
    Rest In Peace
    Until we meet again hun.
    Love you always and forever
    Paul Piller
    March of 2017.

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