My Own Worst Bully

There seems to be so much negativity in the world anymore that our brains are naturally wired to think the worst of ourselves. As I sit in the shade at a water park watching my two beautiful boys splash carefree in the water, a breathtakingly beautiful woman is sunbathing a mere 20 feet away.

She is wearing a pink polka-dot bikini and looks absolutely stunning. Her skin is naturally pale, just lightly kissed by the sun. Her hair rests in a messy bun atop her head and she laughs with the kids. She looks to be in her mid to late twenties. This woman looks so healthy; she does not have chiseled abs or legs that look like she spends hours running or at the gym. She looks healthy, happy, and…normal. She’s perfect.

But even as I sit here thinking this about this woman, I rest in the shade while covering my legs and belly so nobody sees my stretch marks from the miracle of two baby boys. “She looks amazing,” I think, “I wish I looked like her.” And at that moment, I was re-wired. God whispered, “You do.”

I mustered up the courage to approach her.

I told her that I noticed her in her bikini, while apologizing for the forwardness of my crazy, red-headed self. I told her how beautiful she is and that she gave me confidence in myself. It was a very special moment, because as I told her how stunning she is and how I wish I had her confidence, she insisted, “We are built a lot alike!” And we are. She told me that I am beautiful and that she had noticed me too.

Thank you to this mystery woman who God sent. Why can I see the beauty in her but not in myself?

I’m fighting it now. No more. I will stop being my own worst bully. I will stop the negative digs I give to myself. No. More.

YOU are beautiful. Open your eyes and see yourself from God’s eyes. If you are against bullying and want to change it, start within yourself.

Who’s with me?!?!

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